Australian Hemp Oil CBD Review and Athlete Benefits

This Australian hemp oil CBD review will go over the benefits of hemp oil, CBD, and medical marijuana, and also look at the case study of Australian basketball great Lauren Jackson. Lauren is a basketball legend and 4-time Olympic medalist for the Australian basketball team. She has been able to return to basketball thanks to medical cannabis. Lauren’s comeback story at age 41 shows the promising benefits of medical cannabis and CBD. 

Lauren Jackson Returns to Basketball with the Help of Cannabis

Australian-hemp-oil-cbd-reviewAs one of the best basketball legends of all time, basketball player Lauren Jackson was devastated by a chronic knee injury. In 2014, her injuries sidelined her from playing. But thanks in large part to her medical marijuana use, she has been able to manage her knee pain and get back in the game she loves. At age 41, Lauren has made an incredible comeback on the court. She gives hope to athletes everywhere who have been sidelined by pain from injuries and chronic conditions. 



With the help of her medical marijuana, Lauren returned to the court to play with the Australian women’s basketball team for the 2022 FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup in Sydney. Her inspiring comeback after 8 years on the sidelines is a testament to the medicinal value of marijuana. 



After trying a variety of pain medications, Lauren turned to medical cannabis for help with her chronic knee pain. Thanks to cannabis, Aussie basketball legend Lauren was able to return to the sport she loves 25 years after her debut. At 41, Lauren returned to pro basketball and has been playing like a champ. Her comeback story has inspired athletes across Australia and the world. Her tale shines a light on the ground-breaking benefits of cannabis.



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