7 Strategies To Manage Your Sugar Cravings

There is a repeated trait most of us will all find in common, this is the desire for sugar. In fact, there is a really good reason why we need sugar in our diet.


Sugar makes up important nutrients which serves to provide vital functions in the body. However, if you know your limits with sugar, you can live a very healthy life.


In this article we take a deep dive into managing the cravings of this delicious and addictive substance.



1) Eat More Fruit

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First of all, we know that sugars are found in fruit however we are here to encourage and educate people on how to create a healthier lifestyle.

When added and manufactured sugars are consumed, they are missing essential vitamins and minerals which are a key to great health.


Fruits are not known to fill people up where they cure cravings, however this is where other food groups come in which will provide a different nutritional resource.


These other food groups are macronutrients such as fats, proteins and carbs which provide vital roles in delivering daily nutritional needs.


Avoiding processed sugars means that metabolising organic sugars is regulated which means it is properly absorbed into the blood stream where the compound can serve its dietary benefit.


Different fruits have different types of sugars such as glucose, fructose, maltose and galactose which if left to their own processes with convert to energy.


When paired with the right food groups, the sugars from the fruits are metabolised gradually to benefit each part of the human body.

  • Glucose is the major source of energy of the body’s cells (stored glucose is known as Glycogen).


  • Fructose acts as the alternative energy source to Glucose.


  •  Maltose isn’t a primary sugar for immediate use, it is stored for use once Glucose and Fructose reserves are depleted (two glucose molecules bound together are known are Maltose).


  • Galactose serves to benefit the brain and nervous system.


In another article about amino acids, we elaborated on the benefit of the amino acid Leucine.


This amino acid is a catalyst to the creation of proteins and is the gateway to allowing muscular recovery. Consuming a complex array of fruits wont only help with giving your muscles the best chance to recover but choosing the right fruits such as Rockmelon will help staying full and reduce the need to have bad sugars.



2) Eat more ProteinActiv Nutrition

Hunger can bring up all sorts of emotions such as cravings for all sorts of foods like chocolate.


A good way to avoid consuming to much sugar is by staying fuller for longer with the right food sources.


A key component to staying fuller is by consuming more proteins. Good quality proteins are a source of low GI which means that proteins will absorb into the blood stream slowly which has little effect on the blood sugar levels.


It depends where the protein is sourced from, some proteins do not contain other nutrients like fats and carbohydrates is crucial for feeling full.


However protein can be consumed through shakes which also can assist with avoiding any unattended nutrition like unnecessary carbohydrates.


It depends on the type of protein being consumed, there may also be fats which digests very slowly.


Fats do not metabolise into fats but are digested slowly just like protein. Chicken has very little fat which is why it is a good source to lose weight, so for extra fats and feeling fuller for longer. Adding fats such as walnuts or avocado will give extra benefits for feeling satisfied whereas steak is a great protein but has more fats which gives extra unnecessary nutrition that may hinder certain fitness goals.




3) Sleep Well

Activ NutritionThis part of the article is one of the minute times we will be posting content not directly nutritionally related.


However sleep is definitely going to be brought up again in future articles because it is a critical area to maintain a decent quality of life.


A study in 2004 revealed that those participants who slept less then 6 hours a day were 30% more likely to become obese then those who slept between 7-9 hours.


Studies have shown that lack of sleep stimulate hormones such as Ghrelin which prompts hunger and reduces the creation of Lepin which is a hormone that signals the feeling of being full to the brain.


A side effect of changing hunger hormones creates the cravings for high sugar and high carb foods which will lead to increased weight gain and introduce complicated health issues.

4) Avoid Artificial Sweeteners

Activ NutritionThere have been multiple studies which showed that the participants would still feel satisfied with real sugar.

The participants were both male and female and given added sucralose. Then the participants weren’t given sucralose with their food for 24-hours.


After the 24-hours was surpassed, the participants were allowed to consume sugar which caused an increase of foods with carbohydrates and sugars.

There is no known reason for why there is an increase in cravings for carbohydrates and sugars. It is believed that sucralose gives a false reading of the benefits of sugar which is the reason for the increased cravings as the mechanism for glucose isn’t fully performed.


5) Stay Hydrated

Activ NutritionDrinking water helps the weight loss process because if your stomach is filled with water, it helps to suppress a person’s appetite as the body won’t be over heating and requiring extra fuel to function.


The extra fuel can come in the form of vitamins and minerals which are useful for regulating the basic bodily functions.


When someone is craving a thirst clinching drink, the body starts develop the need for sweet foods because dehydration inhibits the body’s ability to properly absorb sugars and use them as energy.


When the sugar cravings appear, drink water and then wait for a few minutes because the cravings are likely to disappear.

6) Use of Suitable Supplements

Activ NutritionThere are many supplements that will knock the sugar cravings for six!

We have compiled a small list to give you a great idea on what is out on the market.


a) Cinnamon – People can use this in both forms it is available which is as a powder or as an extract. There have been many studies that have shown Cinnamon can increase insulin sensitivity which is beneficial for people living with diabetes.


  • The recommendations are to take the extract at twice a day with each dose being around 250 mg.
  • For non-extract Cinnamon supplements, the recommendations are to take 500 mg 1 to 2 times per day. However, this advice depends on the sensitivity from the initial daily dose which differs between individuals.


It’s important not to consume too much Cinnamon as it may spike poisons inside the human body which can be harmful to the liver.



b) Aloe Vera –
This is a very interesting supplement that has many beneficial factors. Studies have shown that some participants in the studies of the effects of Aloe Vera have had an increased response to glucose which is a sign of insulin sensitivity.


However, there are some participants that haven’t seen much of an affect to an increased intake of Aloe Vera.
The mechanism for creating the decrease in sugar cravings is unclear because the cravings decrease on a sugar fast which is generally going without food or drink (except water) for 8-12 hours.



c) Chromium – A supplement which is a great blood sugar regulator, Chromium Picolinate can be found in foods but is best served as a supplement in concentrated form.


This is a mineral which enables insulin to function properly because it lowers the cellular resistance to insulin which allows for glucose absorption.


Chromium can assist with other conditions like managing diabetes and other similar conditions like cholesterol as this mineral has been shown to have great benefits to controlling sugar cravings.


It is important to not get this version of Chromium confused with Hexavalent Chromium, which is the compound made famous in Erin Brockovich as this version is an environmental toxin.


d) Vitamin B – Vitamins are important as they are catalyst for creating hormones in the body.


B Vitamins are amongst the most nutritious and beneficial of all the vitamins.


In this specific case, there are many B vitamins such as B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B7, which really helps create a sustained, healthy lifestyle. These vitamin B’s are known at the ‘B Complex’ which can be found generally as a pill supplement.


Lacking in vitamin B can lead to many issues associated with malnutrition such insulin resistance.


When consuming the pills, the absorption is adequate. However, it won’t have any effect on sugar cravings.

The best way for vitamin B to be absorbed to fix the sugar cravings is through liquid form.

Liquid form allows for the vitamins to get into the bloodstream quickly which is the best way to stop the cravings within minutes or even seconds of being drunk.


7) Avoid Stressors

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Stress has a similar effect on the brain to lacking sleep. When nutrients aren’t properly absorbed due to heightened sense of arousal, this means that certain bodily functions wont function properly which leads to more stress.


It depends on the lifestyle of the person, if the person is always working through different tasks doesn’t take time to replenish an expectable level of glucose. The body will then start searching through different energy stores to function properly.


With an improper balance of nutrition in times of stress, this will lead to the body focussing on finding anything possible to keep the person functional in their day.


With more stress, means less dopamine and serotonin which leads to craving comfort foods such as sugars.


There are many strategies to dealing with stress such as meditation and psychological training, this will help deal with the cravings so sweet and sugary foods and drinks become less appetizing at the wrong time