Vitality Switch


Activ Nutrition Supports your health with 100% Australia made supplements. We care about your health and well-being

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Vitality Switch Revitalising Super Greens


Vitality Switch contains a complete blend of the world’s most effective superfoods. It contains zero artificial colours or cheap fillers, no barley grass or wheat grass, just 100% revitalising ingredients.

Vitality Switch is a wholefood formula that combines nature’s healthiest herbs, probiotics, antioxidants, adaptogenic mushrooms, polyphenols, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and enzymes – all you need to provide your body with a super dose of micro nutrition to support optimal vitality every day.

We have added a bio-active multivitamin blend to provide 33% of your RDI. We have also added Siberian Ginseng to enhance energy, reduce fatigue, improve gut health and support immunity.



  • 1 Serve = 8 serves of vegetables in antioxidants (ORAC Value)
  • 1 Serve provides 33% of your RDI of bioactive vitamins
  • Contains Cell Charge a concentrated micro-mineral blend
  • Enhance digestion & gut health
  • Low calorie and sugar free
  • Family friendly
  • Support general health
  • Support immune function
  • Boost mental cognition
  • Vegan Friendly




  • One serves mixed with water




  • Super Greens Blend, Vitamin and Micro Mineral Blend, Optimal Health Blend, Organic Mushroom Blend, Adaptogen Blend, Probiotic Blend


Peak Health

Switch Nutrition uses only science-backed formulas for all its products. The sciences of nutrition, genetics, and biochemistry are still in their infancy. But waiting on the sidelines for some magical day when researchers finally “get it” would be silly. Instead, switch Nutrition are committed to getting in the game! They won’t just be up-to-speed with the literature; they also conduct the studies themselves. They partner with research institutions to study how Switch NutritionTM products affect physical and mental performance and well-being.

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