Egyptian Mint Vitamin Tea

A beautiful palette cleanser that can aid digestion and is enriched with organic nutrients.


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Egyptian Mint Vitamin Tea


Eloments Egyptian Mint is a caffeine-free tisane of Egyptian peppermint and spearmint grown in the bright desert sun. A beautiful palette cleanser that can aid digestion and is enriched with organic nutrients. Each tea bag contains 8 of your essential vitamins and minerals, including B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, C and zinc, all derived from nutrient-rich herbs, fruits and botanicals.


In a world of mass production, this tea is the antithesis; it is grown on small-scale farms by people who work with their environment, not against it. It will inspire you every morning.


Deliciousness factor

We sold this tea years ago (without the vitamins), building a genuine and loyal following. It was so popular we received numerous desperate emails from people petitioning us to start selling it again. Need we say more!



Egyptian Mint tea is sourced from Fairtrade certified farms in Fayoum, Egypt.




  • Brew 1 tea bag in 95-degree water for 5 minutes. Notice any dust in the tea envelope? Our beautiful fruit and herbal extracts; please tip this goodness into your cup.




  • Egyptian peppermint
  • Egyptian spearmint
  • Lemon extract
  • Holy basil extract
  • Guava extract
  • Amla extract
  • Sesbania extract
  • Annatto extract


Relax and Heal

Water-soluble vitamins such as the B-group vitamins and vitamin C are not destroyed by heat are in all Eloments Teas. Independent lab testing shows that the hotter the brewing water is, the more the vitamins are extracted.

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